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Laundry Near Me Pacific Beach Turquoise St. Coin Laundry

Here are some useful tips to ensure your clothing gets cleaned properly and lasts longer too! 

Sorting Laundry:
To keep your white underwear and socks from becoming pink underwear and socks, Turquoise St. Coin Laundry recommends sorting your laundry into whites, lights and brights. From the bright laundry, if there are any items that could transfer dyes (such as a new red t-shirt), we recommend washing these items in a separate load. 

It's also a good idea to sort your laundry by how soiled the clothing is too.  For example, if you just participated in a muddy 5K, it's best to wash these items in a separate load compared to the t-shirt you wore for only an hour. 

Care Labels:

Each item contains a care label. If you are not sure if you can safely wash or dry a particular fabric, it's best to consult the care label first. The care label can typically be found on the inside of your item.


Wash in cold water. Smaller loads are recommended to avoid fading.  Before drying, stretch the legs of the jeans out first to avoid shrinkage.

Button-down Shirts:

First, make sure to unbutton all of the buttons on the shirt before washing. If you notice any stains, treat these areas with a stain remover. Then, use the permanent press setting on the washing machine (unless your care label says otherwise).


Depending on the fabric, some sweaters can be washed on the delicate cycle. Sweaters made of cotton or synthetic can usually be washed in cold or warm water. Silk, cashmere and wool should typically be dry-cleaned and never placed into the dryer (unless stated on your care label). There are some types of special silks which are washable but we recommend carefully following the instructions on your care label to avoid unintentionally damaging your clothing.


Most socks can be washed with an all-purpose detergent if they are a cotton or synthetic blend. However, if the socks are made of wool or cashmere, we recommend washing the socks in cold water then air drying. Drying socks made of wool or cashmere can cause severe shrinkage and may damage your item.


To get your underwear their cleanest, we recommend washing in small loads on the gentle cycle (for most fabrics) then drying on the low setting. Again, if you have silk underwear or other delicate fabric, please consult your care label first for instructions. Some delicate fabrics may be hand washed in cold water.

Lingerie & Bras:

We recommend purchasing a mesh lingerie bag to protect your bras and delicate items during the wash cycle. Set the washer to the gentle cycle, wash separately from your other laundry and do not use the dryer. Instead, air dry these items.


Chlorine can cause colors to fade and may effect the elasticity of your swimsuit. To keep your swimsuit from fading and stretching out, rinse your swimsuit as soon as you get home from the pool or beach. Then, wash in the washing machine in a lingerie bag on gentle and air dry. Do not place in the dryer.